Experience Tirol

Immerse yourself in a world that changes everything.

Welcome to Experience Tirol, a groundbreaking attraction that will captivate you across 512 square metres on the second floor of the KHT. Experience the history, culture, art, nature and sport of this unique region in a completely new way.

Discover Tyrol’s history up close in five captivating rooms. Travel through the eras and meet legendary personalities like Emperor Maximilian or feel the excitement when a ski jumper flies down the Bergisel ski jump. Join Tyrolians at a mountain fire, with others twinkling on the horizon and immerse yourself in the diversity of this land.

The immersive technology takes you to unforgettable worlds. Use virtual reality, 360-degree projections and other fascinating innovations to experience Tyrol from new angles. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions as you delve into the past and witness the events that made Tyrol what it is today.