illy Caffé

This traditional brand is associated all around the world with the finest quality espresso and a unique 100% Arabica blend and is now spreading its Italian joie de vivre in Innsbruck.

illycaffè is an Italian family business founded in Trieste in 1933, whose vision and mission has always been to produce and offer the best coffee in the world. illycaffè produces a unique blend using 9 Arabica varieties of the highest quality.

Every day, 8 million cups of illy 100% Arabica coffee are drunk in over 140 countries: in the best bars, restaurants and hotels, in cafés and at illy points of sale — and of course at home. Thanks to innovative developments from illycaffè, the company contributes to technological progress in the world of coffee. With the creation of the “Ernesto Illy Award for Quality Espresso Coffee” in Brazil in 1991, illycaffè has contributed to the exchange of expertise, promoted acceptance of a higher basic price model to remunerate coffee farmers for premium quality produce, and fostered partnerships that prioritise sustainable development principles.

Illy Caffé 2nd floor